Adelphi Hotel, 1 & 2 Coleman Street
Established in 1863, the Adelphi occupied No 3 Coleman Street in the 1870's, but in the 1880s moved ..
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Boat Quay looking upstream to Fort Canning
The Singapore River supported a vast array of native sailing craft which put the boat in Boat Quay, ..
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Carting Pineapples
The bullock cart was the earliest means of transporting goods in the Far East and was used in Singap..
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Obviously wash day in this busy Chinatown street, festooned as it is on high with washing hanging ou..
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Chinese Barber & Ear Cleaner
Once a common sight on the streets of Singapore, the Chinese barber performed a variety of services ..
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Chinese Gods of Wealth
The worship of Gods of Wealth, one of the most interesting of Chinese cults, is explored in this aut..
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Chinese Hawker
The early travelling salesman, this Chinese hawker of indeterminable goods carried his wares from pl..
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Clarke Quay and Read Bridge
Clarke Quay, named after Sir Andrew Clarke, second governor of the Straits Settlements from 1873-75,..
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Drinks Seller
Anyone for a spot of liquid refreshment? This fellow has something of a half-crazed look about the e..
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