Collyer Quay (L0716CQ)

  • Collyer Quay (L0716CQ)
Collyer Quay (L0716CQ)
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Artist/Cartographer: G R Lambert
Image size: 350mm x 260mm (unmatted)
490 x 400mm (unmatted)
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Apart from Clifford Pier, built 1931, central to this view, not a single building in this 1930s view remains today, most were demolished in the 1970s. Looking right to left, a partial view of Hong Kong Bank Chamber, built 1925, demolished 1979; next door is the Maritime Building built 1924; then Winchester House - replaced by Hitachi Tower in 1976. Behind Clifford Pier is the distinctive Alkaff Arcade built 1909, demolished in 1980. Left of it is Paterson Simon & Co which later became better known as Prince Room Restaurant and was demolished in the 1980s to make way for Ocean Towers. Next is the second Ocean Building 1923-1973.

*Please note colour of the actual reproduction photograph is slightly different from what you see here.