Durian Seller

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Durian Seller
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Artist/Cartographer: G R Lambert
Image size: 380mm x 230mm
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The pungent and pervasive odour of the durian is synonymous with Southeast Asia where it is referred to as the king of fruits and consumed in great quantities. Although durian is a great favourite with the locals, it is an acquired taste, and  usually not appreciated by foreigners who on the whole find the smell offensive. The name durian comes from the Malay word duri, meaning thorns. Here we see a customer carefully inspecting and assessing the durian - in choosing one's durian smell is all important, weight is also a contributing factor. In the background are many jinrickshas, a Japanese invention, these were imported  into Singapore via Shanghai in the 1880s and soon proved  the cheapest and most popular mode of transport.

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