Rickshaw Puller

  • Rickshaw Puller
Rickshaw Puller
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The jinrickshaw, a Japanese invention, was introduced to Singapore via Shanghai in 1880. It soon replaced the gharry as the most popular and cheapest form of transport, and the means by which many Chinese coolies earned a living. A visitor to Singapore in 1893 had this to say on the subject: ¡°a goodjinrickshaw is really a pretty little carriage, with its elegant wheels and its brass shiny mountings; and there is no reason why anyone should turn up his predominant feature [nose] at it. As a rule they will cover the ground nearly as fast as four-wheelers ... The two-legged ponies are almost invariably Chinamen all over the Far East, with the single exception of Japan, the country from which the jinrickshaws originally sprang.

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