Raffles Place

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Raffles Place
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Artist/Cartographer: G R Lambert
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In 1823, on the advice of the resident Irish architect George Coleman, and under the directive of Raffles, the hillock near Battery Road was levelled  and the spoil used to fill in the marshy south bank of the river; the area cleared formed Raffles Place. This view leads the eye to the old Mercantile Bank building built in 1855 between D'Souza and D'Almeida streets.It was demolished in 1929 and replaced by a new bank building which made way for the MRT Station. On the left stands John Little's 3-storey store which replaced former premises in 1910. Opposite, under the statue of Eros, is Robinson's Department Store - the OUB building occupies the site today. Robinson's bought over Littles, then sold the building to developers who demolished it in 1973 and in 1982 Shell Tower was built on the site.

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