Mail Steamer, 1907

  • Mail Steamer, 1907
Mail Steamer, 1907
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Artist/Cartographer: G R Lambert
Image size: 370mm x 260mm
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The arrival of the mails, the vital link with the world beyond the island, was eagerly awaited. Prior to 1840, mail was carried by the East India Company in their own steamers. The first independent mail steamer to reach Singapore was the P&O's little Lady Mary Wood in 1841, which brought with her the promise of monthly mails. This communication link was much improved with the regular scheduling of mail steamers from various companies and countries. In 1844, a letter posted in England would take four months to reach Singapore, ten years later, the P&O service was able to deliver mail posted in London within 35 days. With the opening of the Suez Canal, in November 1869, which cut out the overland route altogether, mail communication was further speeded up.

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