Vue Prise Sincapour

  • Vue Prise Sincapour
Vue Prise Sincapour
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Artist / Cartographer : Barthelemy Lauvergne

Size: 180 x 120

A lithographic view of a canal in Chinatown, 1837. Drawn by Barth?l?my Lauvergne and engraved by Jean Louis Tirpenne. From Voyage autour du monde ex?cut? pendant les ann?es 1836 et 1837 sur la corvette La Bonite by Auguste-Nicholas Vaillant, Paris, 1852. The view is from the junction of Boat Quay and South Canal Road looking west towards North Canal Road with Pearl’s Hill in the background. The bridge is probably the present day Circular Road and the large building on the right is the prison built by Lock during the 1820’s.

Our notelets are printed in full colour and laminated on 120gsm artcard. Size varies slightly depending on image, but on average the cards measure 185mm x 130mm.