Insular Indiae Orientalis

  • Insular Indiae Orientalis
Insular Indiae Orientalis
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Artist / Cartographer: Gerard Mercator
Image size: 416mm x 302mm
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This superb copper engraved map, Insular Indiae Orientalis, was created by Jodocus Hondius (who acquired the copperplates for the Mercator Atlas in 1604) as one of the 37 new maps he engraved to supplement the Mercator-Hondius atlas which was first issued in 1606. Central to this striking and beautiful map are the Moluccas or Spice Islands, complete with a list of the individual islands plus a description of the various spices and other natural produce they yield. The Philippines are well formed for the day and include the southern island of Mindanao. In Thailand, Sian (Ayutthaya) appears as a huge island at the apex of the gulf. Off the Vietnam coast markings warn of the dangers of reefs. Singapore appears, albeit misplaced on the peninsular mainland.

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